Sheetal Shaw is a mixed media visual artist. Her work is a reflection of her belief that art is a powerful force to individuals and to the culture. Art has the power to give confidence, renew emotional strength, evoke joy, and serves as a response to life. In her art, she interweaves a personal narrative with cultural memories of life in India to convey positive affirmation, hope, love, survival, and the connection between opposites.

Having spent most of her younger life in New Delhi, Sheetal immigrated to the United States in 1999. After living in several states, as well as Canada, she settled into her current home and studio in Arizona. It was in Arizona that she confirmed her interests in art, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.

Her art features a stylized Indo-Persian design motif called “Boteh” meaning flower, pine cone, seed or droplet. Sheetal works with a diverse range of materials–paper, wood, fiber, metal, canvas, as well as digitally. The bright, bold colors in her acrylic paintings are a reference to the joyfulness and celebration of the Indian Spring Festival, which always inspires a sense of fun and delight. Her sculptures echo the same motif with a slightly more serious undertone.   

Artist Statement

Art is my vehicle for personal renewal. Through art I have experienced myself and others on a much deeper level. This has created an indelible mark on my psyche and continues to shape me every day as an artist. The reaction of delight and happiness my art validates my personal premise that art is a powerful influencer. 

As a unifying element of cultures, my hope is that my art is a never-ending inspiration and positive affirmation of hope, love, survival, and the connection between opposites. 

 I am honored to offer my art as an inspiration to others.

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